Jewish Student Union

at the University of Maryland

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) at the University of Maryland strives to create a space for Jews of all backgrounds and all those interested in Jewish culture to come together to celebrate Jewish identity through social events and educational programs.

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JSU is a culturally Jewish space where we focus on making new friends and celebrating Judaism in our own unique ways.

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We are always organizing new and engaging activities for our members like the Happy Hanukkah online event or our popular Pen Pal Program

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Can I participate without being a member?

Feel free to stop by any of our events anytime. We would love to meet you. We pride ourselves on being open and inclusive.

When are meetings?

Currently, we aren’t meeting physically as a club because of Covid, but make sure to come out to our virtual events!  Send us your name and email to be included in our online meetings

How do I join?

Simply use a form and let us know your name, email and phone number.  You can also email us:


Email us any suggestions for club events (virtual or actual), or any comments you may have to

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The Jewish Student Union is the largest cultural and social organization recognized and sponsored by the University, through the Student Government Association.

We are the most prominent student-run Jewish organization on campus. The vast majority of our operating budget comes from your Student Activities Fee. You hold a share in what goes on, and we want you to speak up!

The Jewish Student Union provides large-scale and diverse social and cultural programming for the entire student body, which includes approximately 6,000 Jews, or roughly one fifth of all students. All of our events and programs are open to all students!

Past events have included IsraelFest, Kosher for Passover BBQ, Greek Seder, 5K for Save a Child’s Heart, Semi-Formal, Holocaust Vigil, Charity Kickball Tournament, Bar Nights and Happy Hours.

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